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Escaping Reality

Realizing a Dream

22 October 1987
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Hmmmm, a bio. What to say, what to say? How about this, I will describe myself in 5 words: evil, indifferent, anime/manga, artist, and honest. There, that should be enough yeah?


Basically, I am a full time student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I have a job at a vet office working with animals etc, plan on becoming an animal pathologist and learning japanese in college. I spend my free time, what little time that is, reading manga and books, watching anime, hanging out with friends, making icons/images, drawing, cross-stiching, etc.

What do I look like, simple, the typical "geek". Glasses, hair in bun, no make-up, jeans, t-shirt, shoes or sandals, basically relax appearance since I could careless about your opinion on my looks ^___^ You will never see my in a dress or pink, >.< EVIL COLOR!!! I guess you can call me a geeky tomboy.

My life is simple. The same routine everyday, with no end in sight. I live in the nuclear home enviroment; a stay at home mom, a dad who works normal hours at a nuclear power plant, one little bro, 3 dogs, and 2 geckos. All of whom live in a two story house in a quiet neighborhood.

Nothing exciting or important happens here. My life is the "typical" teenage life, I guess you could say. LoL.